Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You are You

I may be your wife, your daughter, your sister, your mother, your aunt or your friend and although you probably already know this, I am not you. What I do does not reflect upon you. We are separate beings. Even if I were your Siamese twin, we would be separate beings. 

By commenting on your blogs, or on the blogs of your friends, I do not reflect on you. I am me and you are you. This policy goes both ways. Your pirate hat is a fashion statement I encourage because YOU love it and you are you. Your little blanket worn as a neck tie is your accessory, and although people may judge you for being "too old" for such an accoutrement, if you don't think you are too old, then you are not too old. You are you and not anyone else. I am me and the same rules apply. 

Imagine a world that is bright with creative expression, where each individual has the courage required to fully embody themselves. When they color their hair, they do it for them, because they like to see the pink tips just beyond the tip of their nose, even though they may be a mother of young women old enough to bear their own children. 


Imagine having the courage to make a film like this about clothing given as a birthday gift that didn't really fit with the lifestyle of the recipient. Imagine making fun of one's self as a means of joyous self-expression.

BIRTHDAY SUIT by catsmeaney on you tube
 (if it's not playing on your iphone- watch it from you tube)

Is there something you are afraid to do because you are afraid of what other people will think?

Please, allow me to encourage you. You wont regret it. Just remember, You are You.

Love, Shelley (with pink hair.)

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