Friday, October 05, 2012


What if you only get one chance at this life? One chance to live it fully, voraciously and savor it with glee? What if you have been taking it all too seriously and need to get down to some good old unstructured play time. It feels like the time is now for me. Play is becoming a priority. Starting October 1st, I have committed to playing every day. Luckily, I have some friends and family members who are masters who will willingly guide me into playtime.

Monday I was introduced to the only nude beach in Santa Barbara.

I am 44 and a mother and a wife and... fully human. This is not me though. This is a Master of Play. Jill.

This was only about half way up the cliff. It made my head spin to look down from the top.

We looked for Great White Sharks from our perch but sadly, saw none.

This is me. Nicely filtered. Tastefully covered by the cool waves

On Tuesday I took a fossil walk on the beach.

I truly love the different geological stories told at each and every beach in Santa Barbara

I find vertebrate fossils every time. I know what rocks to look at to find them.

I thought, "maybe I should publish a book on Vertebrate Fossils on the Beaches of Santa Barbara".  I would probably be the only geek to buy it. 

I had fun with the waves and the rocks.

On Wednesday, I went for a paddle with Jill and Aleya.  I couldn't find my board racks for my car and so I came to the beach just with a wetsuit. I swam out a little bit and joined Jill on her board. We paddled tandem. It was so fun!!

I also created these:

It's been a good week for play. 

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