Sunday, May 05, 2013

Vertebrate Fossil Discovery 5/5/13

Today's beach walk/fossil hunt revealed this treasure: a single rock full of beautiful bones. Because I am not an expert in vertebrate zoology, all I can really identify for certain is that these ARE bones. If you have information or an expert opinion, please comment.

The rocks really call to me.

This one was screaming!

The pinkish bones are so intriguing

I tried to find a tape measure, without luck.
I made one using a ruler and
 marks on a piece of paper.

The rock was about 24 inches long,
 8-16 inches thick

I was able to turn it over and photograph
 every edge and aspect of its surface.
Each face revealed more bones.

This treasure is readily available for discovery
 but I doubt that anyone sees as much of it as I do.

This aspect is most interesting.
Is it a pelvis, scapulae, skull? 

Isn't she beautiful?

The geology at this beach (Arroyo Burro, Santa Barbara, CA, USA) is so interesting. The fossils I find are in the very hard sedimentry layers that are below the level of the sand. The fossils only reveal themselves when the tides wash away enough sand to expose them.

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