Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Self Care

On a quest for true self care I find Evan's Relaxation Station and Reflexology. As I am sitting there in the over-stuffed chair, blanketed in warmth and having the soles of my feet massaged in a systematic fashion that supposedly reaches to all my internal organs, I think about self care. I think, 'this can be done the easy way or the hard way'. The easy way is like this, closing the eyes and going inward. Feeling the body. Moving the mind through the joints, muscles, organs and systems. Feeling absolute gratitude for the body that has a thousand seamless systems running simultaneously without an overseer. 

The easy way involves absolute pleasure. Believe me when I tell you, stroking the insides of the toes is sinfully delicious. Feeling the tightness of the ankles being teased into relaxation is better, so much better than the alternative. Illness.

 The hard way to acknowledge the body is through illness. Cancer and the treatments assigned to it, are the hard way of reflecting the mind inward to all the organs, tissues and systems. Too little, too late. 

When we neglect to care for ourselves with love, our bodies must retaliate and demand care with illness.

Today, choose to honor your body with pleasurable sensations. Sand between the toes, the warm sun on bare skin, music, delicious food, a massage, meditation. Treat your body well so that it will not need to get your attention with disease and pain.

Here are my suggestions:

barefoot walk on the beach or in nature
aromatherapy bath
have someone brush your hair
scratch your back
light a candle
paint a picture
write a blog.

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