Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Totem Animal

I'm a cat lady. It's true. When I met my husband to be, I had three cats. I have always had cats. I like their independence. I like it that it is always their choice to engage in a relationship with you. They are not bound to you (their owners) by food. You earn their love. It means something to  get a feral cat to be your lap cat (which I have done). They are arrogant, independent and only somewhat predictable. I love that even "domesticated" cats are really still wild.

Clarissa was a feral kitten. Born under someone's house in the Pacific Palisades. She was captured at what seemed to be the appropriate age by a neighbor, brought to my mom in Los Angeles and then home to us in Santa Barbara.

Clarissa was my feline gift to my six year old daughter who is now 13.

 Clarissa is the sole cat in our house now and I have been feeling a pull for more cat energy. I have decided to volunteer at the local cat shelter.  

During deep meditation I saw that my main animal totem is CAT. It always has been. Independent, affectionate on it's own terms, able to survive without help, swift, cunning, athletic, loving, and with a loud purrrrrr.

This will be the beginning of many new relationships and possibly new family members are coming.

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