Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer 2014- a film.

It has been many moons since my last post. There has been a lot of sadness in the world and much joy in my heart. It seems like many of us are checking out, leaving the body, leaving those of us left  stunned and devastated. The message I got early this summer is to make the most of each day. Allow for the expansion and appreciate it all. I am going to throw together a little film to show the results. Take stock. If you left your life today, would you be satisfied with the completeness of it?

the first version, HERE, is for iphone or small devices.

Summer 2014- for iphone etc.   *

watch this version on a computer.

SUMMER 2014- for the big screen

I would like to thank the stars of this film: Kieran, Aidan, Kalin, Jena, Morgan, Sofia, Amanda, Grace, Chris, Nick, Claire, Evan, Kara, Alex, Indie, Ari, Kevin, Grandma Kitty, Ted, Steph, Alabama alligators, frogs, snakes,  a rogue great white shark from instagram, Lara and Tina in a frame, a rhino from facebook, Tom, Gia, myself in my new shark-kini, Stacy, Jacob, Eric, Meredith in her turnouts and the atlas 5 rocket launched from Vandenberg in August.

Peace, love and joy to you, every day.

*(A note on why this version did not originally  play for you---- GREED. It contains a song that when played anywhere on the internet, ads pop up. The ads can't pop up on your phone or ipad, so they claim, so you cant see this little film and I know the anticipation is killing you. I will switch out "Sweet Home Alabama" for something else for this version)

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