Saturday, February 07, 2015

Vision Board Magic

In October 2014, I published a blog entitled Dream Job. It was a blog about me being a science teacher to young kids, the ones who are too young to be graded but not too young to be inspired and awakened.  After winter break, I decided to get busy, acting "as if" this job were coming my way. I made a vision board. My Science Teacher vision board. Here it is:

Three days after I made this vision board, I had a lead ( a Craig's List posting sent to me by my step-daughter, Quinlan), and very quickly an interview for a teaching job calling for science enthusiasts who love kids! I was hired at my interview on Thursday. I went through training the following Wednesday and taught my first class of eleven kindergarten through 4th graders that day.

I taught them about our solar system, the distances between the planets in our system and had them imagine and create their own planetary systems. I referenced Star Wars, the desert planet Tatooine, ice planet, Hoth and forest moon of Endor.  It all comes in handy- science and science fiction. My kids imagined their own systems. 

The following Monday, I taught two more classes on the same topic. I LOVED it!!!!! I have 21 kids whom I get to awaken and inspire. They already know SO much. Their parents have done an amazing job of teaching them about their world and their surroundings. I am so excited to get to be their science teacher for a little while. I am the luckiest person in the world!

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