Friday, November 03, 2006

How to Make it ALL Fun!

We switched cars, my husband and I, so he could take my Toyota hybrid on a long day-trip to Monterey and I could tootle around town, doing motherly things, in his non-hybrid car. I dropped the kids off at their respective schools. I actually thought to myself, "this car is like driving a roller skate with metal wheels", as I felt every bump in the road, evry crack. Later, as I exited the freeway on my way to a meeting and I felt the tell-tale thud-thud-thud-thud, I know why the car drove like that. It pretty much WAS a roller skate with a metal wheel. I was, miraculously, never annoyed. I was happy my husband was safely driving my car and that my kids were in school so I had the time to wait for triple A. I was not annoyed, alarmed or peeved. I left my car, walked to my meeting, and when it was over, arranged to have a nice man in thick gloves change my tire. While I waited, I took some photographs, as I always carry my camera in my purse. I took this picture and some other beautiful shots of flowers, sun-dappled leaves, a statue of two doves kissing. It was an altogether lovely morning. Sure, I was'nt able to write a blog that morning, or make a belly chain, but I did receive some much needed time to just breathe, enjoy the veiw of the mountains in the morning light and just spend a few minutes with myself. I believe situations like this one happen for a reason. I think if we can look at even the seemingly tough situations as opportunity, we learn that it CAN all be fun!

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