Friday, January 25, 2008


I have metamorphosed into another person. Not someone thinner with different hair and lipstick, I'm actually different; changed. I suspected that it was happening. I explained the tremors, the rapid heartbeat away as a vibrational shift. But I felt bad. Really really bad. Now, from the other end, I know I have shifted. I have let go. I have changed. It's a good change. I vibrate now, kind of a buzz, when I am barely awake in the predawn morning. I see myself bathed in blue light and I wonder how people would react to me if they saw me shopping at Trader Joe's, scolding my four year old, glowing in ethereal blue. I wonder, and I know. That's the thing, it seems with the change, with the shift has come the peace of knowing and not needing to know at the same time. I can go into my body and address any ailments, then I can travel to yours and see you, glowing green from your heart, healing right before my closed, dark-entrenched eyes. It's fun, this movement through space. It helps to know geography and the cellular landscape of a human body, just because it is more exciting to be direct in your actions. I keep getting a little tinge of surprise when the crystal orbs I am holding start to radiate in my palms when meditating, as if I am validated that they have energy. I am surprised when I push back the gas that is leaking from the pipes under my stove top and then later check to smell, no gas. I am surprised. I am not surprised. It is fun, this adventure. It is fun to have these abilities and tools at my disposal. I am having fun in my new body with my new mind metamorphosed from caterpillar into butterfly. Or is it maggot into housefly?

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Anonymous said...

Travel into me any time you want! Always available for maintenance and repair! When are you opening shop for treatments?

But my first (unevolved) reaction is JEALOUSY!!!