Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In The Air

I've been waking up early. Wide awake at three, four A.M.. It's not insomnia, because, I feel rested, and what wakes me up is fun. I begin to vibrate. It's like an alarm clock inside my body on silent mode. Today, I could feel my lips being tickled as the vibration was taking place. It's not a seizure, mind you. I am happy (?) to say that I know what a cerebral seizure feels like. I had three unexplained seizures, without medically-known origin, when I was ten. In the ten-year-old type of seizure, the body shakes violently. The air is forced in and out of the lungs in a violent, sucking hyperventilation. The consciousness is alert to the mayhem, embarrassed by the sucking sounds, perplexed by the fish-out-of-water flipping about, and finally, rather fascinated by the sounds that emerge from the flaccid, drooling lips, when what is clearly being said is "I'm FINE. Do not call 911!" But what the ear and stunned onlooker hears is "THHUUU SSSSSUUUUH UUUOOUUUU" Imagine Boris Karloff's Frankenstein. Yep. That's it. So, having experienced a real seizure, I know that this three AM vibration in not one.

So, it's early. It's still. My body is doing it's fun little buzz that takes my consciousness to some very cool places. What I am seeing and where I am going are getting cooler by the day. You should see the flips and happy spirals my energy can do at this time of the morning. Imagine a very happy dolphin, flipping around in and out of the water. It's almost like that, but more poetic, faster, more multi-dimensional and with prettier colors. If you are feeling a twinge of jealousy right now, I've got news. I think this is the way of things to come. Call it an inkling. Don't close your mind off to the possibility thinking, "that'll never be me", because I am willing to put money down to the contrary. In Fact- I believe, on this day, I will begin my documentary on this Earthy Transformation. You know, get up early to catch it in the act. My vision this morning included the information that Today's The Day IT Begins. The fun stuff you have been waiting your life to do. Wooo Hoooo! I know what your thinking. LUCKY! But hey, if we were all starting up today, how will my documentary be bringing the news of this to the world? I need you to be part of my film. Please sign up on your way out the door, and leave your current contact info.

Soon, in fact very soon, you too will have to consciously ground your joy. I don't mean with a mortar and pestle, you kooks. I mean, send it down the cord. Mellow it out. We can't really go through our day doing psychic flips and spirals while driving on the rainy highway to Costco, now can we. I am almost forty -this year- on September 25th- mark your calender. Forty year old women who are PTA Presidents, are able to cool their elation when need be. Tempering it and then tucking it neatly under their rain coats so as not to upset their friends. Hey, it wasn't easy getting here. Remember? I had to go through the metamorphosis? It was really uncomfortable. My advice to you is just keep breathing through each day, you're doing fine, you're right on track, you don't have to do anything special, just notice when it comes and just keep breathing in out in out. Yes, like that. I'm excited! You?


Anonymous said...

sign me up, girlfriend

jill said...

right behind ya, sista!