Thursday, May 03, 2012


The day I buried my cat, Mr. Cookie Puss in my lavender garden, I saw my first monarch caterpillar. 

It was a sign to me of the circle of life.

This fellow ate and ate until he disappeared.  Two weeks later, Aidan found him hanging in my lavender.

We watched him every day. I talked to him, telling him I loved him and to enjoy his metamorphosis.

a week or so later, he changed.

I checked hourly after this, knowing his time of emergence was near. I took advantage of his captivity and spoke to him of my love and hope that he would return often as a butterfly.

He rested after his rebirth for a night and another morning. It was cold and when I offered my finger, he gingerly walked upon it. We stood together for a time, my butterfly friend and I. I asked him again to return often but sent him on his journey with all my love to warm the air beneath his wings.

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