Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I LOVE My Family

Last weekend started out with my bonus baby, Faith, spending two nights at Cottage Hospital.

And Buster, the baby bunny, was brought home. He got out once while I was with Faith in the hospital and ran all around the house.

Kieran and I worked at the Hope School Carnival.
Kieran attended a birthday party. 

There was a solar eclipse.
 We has about a dozen hungry caterpillars eating my milkweed plants.

 Tom and the kids let Buster go at Glen Annie Golf Course.
Kieran drew the image for the Hope School I Maddonari square.

She also did her own square

Tom did a BEAUTIFUL drawing of Kieran, Aidan and London.

 Morgan came. Twice.
 Everyone helped. Me, Quinlan, Aidan, Cadence, Faith and Kieran.

 Bonus baby feeling SO much better.


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