Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forty or Forty Thousand

Jill celebrated forty this month- in a way I am proud to have been a part of. It was a weekend event, laden with our kind of fun. Getups, nature, cupcakes, candles, sacred spaces, history and magic. We are spiritual, in our quests and in our nature. Our methods have no rules though. I get the feeling that this is one of our "Soul Purposes".  I like to look at rules on things and question them. I like to glance into the dark to find the light in it. I,- actually-, we like to be irreverent out of reverence, because taking things too seriously just isn't the way of love. Love, the higher vibration love, the kind that goes way beyond the body and the physical, has no rules that can't be toyed with. And so, Jill and I were blessed enough to pay homage to the thousands year old petroglyphs carved by shamen of long ago with our giggles and silliness. We made our singing bowls vibrate together until we thought the aliens would land. We giggled in the dark blanket of night and mimicked the hooting owls from the the comfort of a heated yurt. We (I) breathed in the purest moments of complete joy in reverence to all the sacredness of this particular experience. Without perfection, with complete respect of our disrespect for certain rules. In fun and in Love, for the greatest good.

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jill said...

oh my! this is sheer genius.... <3 it!!