Friday, January 08, 2010


I can't remember exactly when I started meditating each day. I guess it was such an enjoyable experience that it became a ritual, a habit, part of my method of starting the day, like my cup of weak coffee with milk. I like to get up before the sun. The black, star-speckled sky feels like a blanket of comfort to me. The darkness helps me to let go of my surroundings and dwelve inward.

My meditations aren't formal. I sit on the couch with my feet on the ground (sitting cross-legged hurts my hips and I find pain to be a distraction during meditation). I prop pillows behind my back so that my head and spine are in alignment. I cover my lap with a blanket. Most mornings, one of my three cats jumps on my lap to join me. I begin by aligning myself, focusing on the Earth below, the sky above, the left, right, front, back, inside and outside of my body. I do this three times. I then ground myself, following with my mind the path of my energetic grounding cord all the way to the center of the Earth. I show my appreciation for the Earth. Then I imagine myself in a pillar of light that originates from the heart of the Universe, traveling all the way down to me, through my crown, encompassing my whole body, then into the Earth. Yummmm. I can almost always feel the buzz of that energy coming trough me. It is delicious!

 What happens next varies from day to day. I'll tell you, part of the goal of meditation is just to quiet the mind. Silence is a magnet for chatter and tons of ridiculous stuff fills my head, like snippets of Christmas carols, TV show story lines, all kinds of meaningless static. I have learned one technique to clear the static, it's really powerful. I tune in to the sound of my soul. Ask yourself what this is for you. Mine is very distinctive and so far, it has always been the same. That usually works to focus my mind.
I frequently invite my spirit guides, my guardian angels, any enlightened nature spirits to join me in my meditation. I ask for a clear connection to their guidance for the day and to be true to my soul's work.  I also focus on my appreciation and love for my physical body during meditation. This is something we, in our society don't seem to really grasp very well. Our bodies are simply biodegradable vehicles that are on loan for our soul's journey through this lifetime. They are vessels for the soul, not the soul itself. They are  borrowed for our use and trusting us for care and keeping. It seems rather backward that we should be so abusive to our bodies, both in thought and in action when their sole purpose is to allow us a physical experience here on Earth.

In meditation I go through my body, part by part, organ by organ and give my full appreciation to it, to every cell, even every atom that contains my soul. I actually feel the attention in my body. If you do nothing more than this, focus a deep appreciation and love for your body, then your meditation will be very useful. Let us get some perspective. The big picture reveals that there is a lot more out there of importance than the materialistic focus we encounter from our mass media.  

I just finished reading a book called THE LIVING UNIVERSE. It was an amazing book. I recommend it for everyone who wishes to engage in the shifting consciousness. One of the most interesting aspects of this book involves holographic theory and the time-space continuum. In a hologram, every part of the picture contains the whole. Just like in our bodies and in every living thing on earth. Every cell with a nucleus contains the genetic blueprint for the entire organism. Interesting, huh!? So, one theory suggested in this book, The Living Universe, is that you are a part of the universe. You are an integral part. You matter to the heath and well being of the cosmos. The universe is you. Funny, that is the idea behind the film I conceptualized and started filming two years ago entitled, YOU. It is meant to symbolize "U" meaning Universe.  You are the Universe. The Universe is You. Coincidence?

If you would like more on meditation and tips for meditative focus, feel free to comment.

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Dear Shelley,

I like your blog on meditation and can't wait to try some of your techniques! One question: do you have any techniques for bringing more money into a person's life? That is something I know a lot of people would like to learn, perhaps you could give me some advice. Is the penny a hologram for a million dollars? Another thing: do you have any weight loss tips? That is my new years resolution, to lose weight and hone my biodegradable vessel to perfection. Thank you!