Saturday, January 09, 2010


Based on the sole comment I received from my last post I have a few thoughts. If your goals in life include being thinner and or richer than you are, might I suggest imagining yourself as these things and acting as if they already are. If you need help visualizing this, there are many simple techniques available today with the use of digital cameras and computers. Even a good old fashioned picture, a pair of scissors and a copy machine would do the trick. Just take a picture of yourself, crop, elongate, re-touch, or cut it to look like the "new improved you". Paste it on a piece of card stock and add accessories to imply wealth. A Lambourghini, expensive shoes, a large dwelling or two, yaht, pictures of currency, a Van Gogh or Picasso, wrinkled, worn-out looking passport, Louis Vitton luggage, and what have you. Just imagine what your day to day would be after the "miracle" and live there. Maybe you are just on vacation and you have gained a few pounds eating local foods. On vacation, you like an authentic experiences and have been staying in a less than regal dwelling, with cheap furnishings. Your worn out old car is just a rental, borrowed for the duration of your visit. Make the best of it, have fun, you're on vacation. Part of your vacation is to do local work. Tell yourself, " Isn't it fun to experience life from this angle? "  Meditate on how your skinny body and large bank account will change the way you see the world and the way you see yourself in it.  Ask your guides for help. If after all this, you still find yourself in debt and overweight, you might consider the idea that your soul has the opportunity for more profound growth in this state.

 To answer your question as to whether a penny is a hologram for a million dollars, yes. It is for certain. It's all there. you can bank on it. Yep.

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Kaminski Family said...

Love the pictures, love the cropping. Will do a bit of this myself when I see a less than lovely picture of myslf. I shall crop it to look like the elevator doors are closing ans my skinny more beautiful self is content.
Beautifully written.