Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have a long blog to write, perhaps a book according to Jill, on silliness and all that is sacred. We just came off a White Lotus High. We giggled all the way through the sacred stone circle, the Kieva- (Jill thinks it's Keva I think it's Kiva), the singing bowls, the yurts, the stones, sacred circle of women in meditation, water, fire and blessed sage-filled air. We giggled our way through all of it.

 The thing is, I can see us a thousand or so years ago, as old men in meditation robes, giggling. I suspect that giggling is the secret part of praying, meditation, healing and life. Nothing is so sacred that it should be free from the joyous celebration of laughter. The giggling and irreverence in your reverence is the secret- the black is white, pain is joy secret that we need to share with you. Laugh. Find a friend to giggle with and do it. Everywhere. It is probably the most powerful prayer that there is.

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