Friday, May 26, 2006

Courageous Endevor

I have been letting my inspiration run, unleashed. Making what I want, what I feel, and not conforming to any rules. The center stone of this piece is Botswana agate. It reminds me of Saturn's rings. It makes me feel far off and mysterious. Like anything could happen. The black stones are obsidian and they have some reflective mica sparkle that makes me wonder about what was happening to that lava as it pooled and crystalized. Mysterious, unchained, uncharted energy. I added aquamarine, smoky quartz and crystal quartz to the mystery. Grounding, protective and healing. This piece is called Courageous Endevor. It represents taking the risky route and letting my intuition guide me on my path. I hope you can follow a similar path and make your own courageous maneuver. You know, the kind of thing that puts a half-smile on your face.

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