Sunday, May 14, 2006

True Love

Today is Mother's Day. I am both a daughter and a mother and what I can tell you is that motherhood represents the first true love. As a child I remember feeling such a deep feeling of love for my mother, the thought of losing her made me ache and cry with pain. As I grew, this desparate fear subsided and I was able to appreciate the entertainment value of our relationship. Anyone who knows my mother will agree that she is an incredible woman. Funny, smart, creative, generous and loving. I think I love the fact that she has always been a fun and amusing companion most. We have amazing discussions, laughing often. My mother writes poetry. It flows through her. She can't help herself. She practically speaks in prose. She never ceases to amuse me. A couple of years ago she fell backwards from a standing position down a short flight of concrete stairs. She spent her 57th birthday in the ICU and could have easily died from the intracranial bleeding and swelling. Not only did she pull through, she wrote the most amazing poem about the experience. Anyone who can take this situation, write about it, and in the telling, make you laugh and smile is someone extraordinary. Yeah. My mom really is amazing. And I know it. I don't take our relationship for granted. She was my first, truest and deepest love. Happy Mother's Day.

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