Saturday, May 13, 2006

Manifest Your Destiny

About six months ago, my five year old daughter, Kieran, informed me that she wished for a kitten. She pleaded and begged. She made promises. She showed a willingness to learn. Because I too wanted her to have the experience of growing up with a cat, I told her that for her sixth birthday she could have a kitten. I asked her to tell me about her kitten. What was it like? She said her kitten was an orange, female tabby named "Clarissa". My daughter is very creative. She drew this picture for me, so that I would know what her kitten looked like. She found a blank paged bound journal and filled every page with pictures of her and Clarissa and their adventures together. She had us write the words that she dictated. She called the book, LUCKY DAY and it is a great piece of work. In LUCKY DAY, Clarissa sleeps on Kieran's bed. She sometimes dresses up as an angel or a clown. She is playful and mischevious. She is sweet and affectionate. The perfect feline companion.
Yesterday Kieran turned six. As she slept, curled up next to her was her manifestation, Clarissa, just as she described her. Orange tabby, playful and sweet, quiet and confident. I've never had such a kitten. My mom was detirmined to be the one to find Kieran's kitten. After looking on line and putting the word out to friends, last week she was hooked up with a friend in L.A. who's neighbor had discovered a mother cat with a litter of kittens under her house. There was an orange, female tabby in the litter. I was concerned because feral kittens are hard to socialize sometimes, can de infested with deadly parasites and can easily die due to their challenged start. After three days under the bed, a successful trip to the vet and a lot of flea combing, Clarissa seems to be everything Kieran asked for. She is truly a manifested destiny.

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