Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Help Yourself

One of the secrets to the joyous life I have discovered for myself is passing it on. You want joy, pass it on. You want love, pass it on. You want recognition, pass it on. Give it away to get it. Pass it on to make it flow. More than half of the jewelry I make is given away. Sometimes I create un unexpected surprize and just send something off. The joy I get from reaching out and shaking up someone's day is so enlivening for me. I get a spark of desire to do something for someone else and it instantly fires me up with creative energy, drive, inspiration and happiness. This works in relationships too. You want an apology- say you're sorry. You want a hug- give one. You want aknowledgement- give it. You want to have a meaningful friendship- be a true friend. You want generosity- give give give. The secret is to risk by being the first one to act. Try it. It may inspire those you encounter to be less selfish, less superficial, less angry, less self-centered, less rude, more friendly, more open, more fun, more generous, more loving, more apologetic, more attentive and of course, more happy. This piece is fire agate, green tourmaline, moss agate, tiger's eye, hessonite garnet. It is a piece to be worn close to the heart for the treatment of depression. Who should I send it to?

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