Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Leap of Love

By reaching out and saying what we need, we are able to activate the universe to deliver. So often, I am bothered by something, or feel despondent, alone or in pain, and my salvation comes when I talk it out. It's like taking out the trash. After I've done it, really emptied all the worries, fears and issues honestly, I feel relief, and I can go on. I am lucky. I have two sisters, a mother and friends whom I employ regularly as my heart's trash collectors. They are supportive, non judgemental and loving, no matter what. I am also skilled at reciprocating the favor, to anyone who needs me. I know how powerful it can be to unload the negativity and resentment, the fear and the worry from your heart. The truth is, that even if your outlet is a journal or a pet, a trustworthy stranger or your guardian angel, you are not alone and these burdens need not be yours to bear. Let the universe help with your load and trust that you are heard, seen and loved. And just remember that we are all made from the same stardust and even in our solitude, we will always be connected, supported, nurtured and loved.

This belly chain is called Leap of Love and it is made of pink chalcedony, rhodonite, rhodochosite, rose quartz, pearl and ruby. It offers love, strength, healing, vitality, energy and compassion among other things.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand to see the big "0" comments any longer. Surely someone else is reading these besides me. Someone else has to be affected like me. I want to shout it from the rooftops,"my sister is wonderful!!!" Or maybe I'll just tell her. But I think she already knows. :).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stepha,
I needed that!!!!

Kim said...

I happen to think your sister is wonderful too!
Her words have lifted my spirits and touched my soul.

She is my cyber soul-sister!