Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are we ready?

Because Mom is permitting me to create a documentary film about her uplifting experience with cosmetic surgery, she has created a more neutral observer out of me. Brilliant maneuver on her part. Now, the question is, whom of my readers is ready for the graphic nature of the footage? I will simply say that the procedure went well and that the "after" shots are not too bad. One can see sculpted features and a wrinkle-free, albeit, swollen complexion. I liken Mom's image to a cross between the invisible man and cleopatra. Please comment if you would like to see.  If I get enough curiosity, I have permission to publish preview shots.


Bobbi said...

So glad you wrote something Shelley - I've been on pins and needles wondering how your mom was doing since surgery! I am sure when all is said and done, it will be fabulous! In the meantime, give her my love and tell you lots of prayers for a fast healing have been coming her way! Pictures NOW? That's pretty daring of her!!! :)and you sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

i NEED footage!!! now!!! i hattee not being there!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking a little more black and blue and green today, like a watercolor painting that ran. I especially like the neck. Looks as though I've been strangled or that I have been out in the cold with my throat exposed. Still, there is not much left of the old double chins!