Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's My Deal?

My mom is scheduled to have a neck lift, eyelid lift and under eye fat removal on Monday. I am, and always have been, vehemently against this kind of elective surgery. Now, understand that I am a beautiful woman. I am not being vain, I was born with full lips, a symmetrical face, really nice teeth (from braces and diligent upkeep), a tall, strong curvy figure and an ass the size of a pick up truck. My sisters are beautiful, my children are beautiful, my nieces and nephews, brothers in law, husband and step dad and friends are beautiful. My mother is a striking, radiant beauty and always has been. So here I am surrounded by beauty, why am I so against the amplification of it?  Here is my theory.

Since I was seven, the age of soul recognition, I have felt a certain conviction about kindness, love, beauty, treatment of others, and what was right. I knew/know that the body is a vessel, a vehicle to experience the lifetime we are presently in. It is not the end-all be-all. The body is not the IT. It is more the HOW. So the body can flex and shrink, move or be still, it can be flawed  or "perfect" but it isn't the soul. It is the house, apartment really, for the soul to exist, feel and learn, interacting and experiencing as much as it can in the time allotted.

How many children have to be born with cleft lips or flippers for hands and how many times do The Elephant Man, Mask, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame need to be made and re-made before we remember the lesson of where true beauty resides?  Just because we live in a culture where physical beauty is valued as much as it is doesn't mean we are evolving in a direction that moves us forward in our soul lessons. Are you happy with the state of focus that the media places our society in?  In my opinion, we as a society and culture have it all back asswards.

Trusted friends, beloved sisters, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters in law, children, husband and parents, if ever I become deformed, obese, hideously ugly, smelly, broken, saggy, wrinkled, blotchy, bald, hairy, wear a diaper, or encounter any other physical situation that leaves my body less than desirable to look at, please close your eyes, plug your nose and feel my radiant soul energy wash over your being like a wave of golden loving light, because that is where my true beauty resides.

No matter what you do to yourself Mom, I will always look at you as the golden violet orb of shimmering light that you are, with the really tight neck and alert eyes.


jill said...

I did an "lol" with your last line... ;D

Denise said...

I want you to know that I really enjoy your writting and I am a faithful reader!
You remind me...to be kind to myself, to look deeper, to take it all in, and simply to.