Saturday, April 10, 2010

Physical Energy

The physical follows the energetic. Your thoughts become your reality. What you focus on, you create. Your fears become your experience. You dream your future. Manifest with intention. Meditation teaches you how to visualize physical health and connect to energetic support in the form of spirit guides, guardian angels and your own higher self. Your chakra system needs your attention, quiet yourself and visualize the rainbow starting from your red root, orange sacral, yellow solar plexus, green heart, blue throat, indigo third eye and violet crown. Feel the energy flowing and surround yourself in golden, healing light. Create the energy to shift the physical.


Anonymous said...

you're pretty


jill said...

I agree. Smart, too.


Me said...

What's that behind you in the picture??

Oh yea it's a big hole in the middle of nowhere, where I stole some rocks from outside the marked path.

nice blog BTW