Monday, April 19, 2010


Mom had her surgery today. As it turns out, this was her first time ever under general anesthesia. Pretty amazing for  63 year old. The procedure went "well".  She was in surgery for over 2 hours and in a pre-op consultation, her cosmetic surgeon talked her into a chin implant. Maybe the problem wasn't so much that her neck was sagging but that there just wasn't enough chin to hold it up. I can't imagine why the doctor waited until this particular moment to make this suggestion. Mom, as many of us know, is NOT quick to process. I can just imagine it; Mom, nervous, hungry, a little apprehensive in her surgical gown and shower cap with an authority figure making a suggestion to "add a little chin". I know her, she said "yes" whether or not she really thought it was a good idea.  I am a little bit upset about it all, but, Oh well. We can laugh about it, I guess.

I took some pre-surgery footage and pictures so we could really appreciate the whole process.  I touched up a couple of the before shots so we can get ready for the smoother, tighter look to come. I don't know how to airbrush in some extra chin though, so we will just have to wait for the real thing tomorrow to get a good look.

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