Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Force

I'm not really big on blind faith. I generally need to know how, why, when, all the way back to the earliest, most elemental point of something. I believe this is why I am so enthralled by physics, chemistry, geology, evolution, astronomy, anthropology and medicine. I need to know how the universe began, and everything after that. In detail. The more I learn about it ALL, the more I am romanced by this type of information. So, when I started buying rocks and gems from Maile Ellington eight years ago (Maile buys rough rock from around the world, cuts, grinds, drills and polishes every bead herself), it was natural for me to not just take the beauty of her stones at face value. My natural process has brought me to the point of investigating how and why gemstones work.

A little back story: Ever since I was a kid, seeing Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back for the first time (This is the one where Yoda explains to Luke what The Force is), the concept of The Force as an energy that permeates all things, that connects and binds us all with the universe, has rung true to me.

So, what does the force have to do with gemstones? Gemstones are crystals. Crystals are solid forms of matter in their most organized, stable state. They form lattice structures with repeating patterns, and like all things, they vibrate in this organized state. All atoms vibrate. Even the most solid form you can imagine is vibrating. The nucleus of every atom is surrounded by an electron "cloud". We can only imaine the general whereabouts of an electron at any given moment, that's how much it moves. So, if we are all made up of these energetic atoms and we are all connected by the atoms in the air we exist in, and some things vibrate in a more harmonized way, and, like adding hot water to cold water makes warm water, a more orderly vibration neutralizes a more chaotic vibration, gemstones affect our bodies, our emotions, and our spiritual energies, leaving us in a more positive and healthy state.

I have had countless experiences with my stones and wear a daily arrangement based on what I intuitively am drawn to as needing. I have a Russian Amazonite pendant that I wore almost every day last year. It made me feel calmer, more resolute, inspired and less fearful. According to Judy Hall's, The Crystal Bible, Amazonite has a powerful filtering action, filtering information passing through the brain and combining it with intuition. It is an extremely soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aligns the physical body with the etheric, maintaining optimum health. Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. It dispels negative energy and aggravation. And that is just one example from one stone. You will be amazed.....

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