Sunday, April 09, 2006

Speak Your Truth (Throat Chakra)

I have a conscious memory of shutting myself up. Sometime in my childhood, during developmental years, I was way wrong and it made a deep impression. It is so humiliating to speak up and be wrong. Sometimes, the lesson learned isn't to keep learning until you get it right, but to shut off your voice, your opinion and your truth so you never have to subject yourself to that humiliation again. Now, as an adult, I have broken through that self silencing (obviously, if you are reading this) and have come to realize that being "wrong" is as profound and important as being "right". The earthly experience is a pendulous one, swinging from one extreme to the other so that all sides of an experience or a feeling may be appreciated. This is why compassion is such an important tool. To judge others and especially, oneself, is to risk limiting the profound physical and emotional experiences to be had on this plane.

The thoat chakra, or fifth chakra is called Vishuddha and is located in the throat between the collarbone and the eye socket. Vishuddah relates to the element of sound and hearing. Its color is vibrant blue. Physically, the fifth chakra governs the voice box, thyroid, parathyroid as well as the ears and throat. It relates to our ability to speak our own truth and manifest creative energy in all forms of artistic expression. A fully functioning fifth chakra results in a clear, strong voice, direct, truthful and respectful communication. The thyroid and parathyroid glands function optimally, resulting in balanced calcium and general metabolism. Neck and jaw muscles are relaxed and strong.

Emotional Dysfunctions: perfectionism, inability to express emotions, blocked creativity.
Physical Dysfunctions: sore throats, neckache, thyroid problems, hearing problems, tinnitus, asthma.
Associated Body Parts: throat, ears, nose, teeth, mouth, neck, thyroid, parathyroid.
Functional Archetype: communicator.
Dysfunctional Archetype: masked self.
Goals: harmony with others, self-knowledge, creativity.
Life Lesson: the power of choice, personal expression.
Main Issue: communication, self expression.

The throat chakra belly chain is busy with the hues of many blue gemstones. It cotains lapis lazuli, aquamarine, sapphire, blue chalcedony, iolite and kyanite. These stones all work in the realm of the throat to heal, aid in expression, and inspire creativity, but individually, they offer access to wisdom, protection, serenity, concentration, aid in the connection to spirit guides and of course, encouragement to speak your truth.


Stephanie said...

Oh my God I love your writing!!! I need to read something every day from you. It makes me feel grounded and secure. Keep up the daily blogs so you can move onto that daily journal that you will publish some day.


jill said...

hmmm....I'm drawn to this one! guess we need to discuss. and the site is beautiful! as is the author and the writing!!!!! going to put it on my favorites!