Saturday, April 22, 2006

Guardian Angel

I am inspired to create thematic belly chains for people I have not connected with yet. I think about what her needs might be, issues in her life that need supporting, problems or gaps that need to be addressed. When you scan my web site you see all the different themes that have come to me. Guardian Angel is a belly chain created to nurture, support, provide insight, guidance and protection. I thought about what a mother gives to her children and realized that there are a lot of grown women who need these protective, nurturing, soothing, encouraging energies bestowed upon them. When we are encouraged, protected from outside negativity, nurtured and gently guided toward our higher purpose, we are able to florish. We all have talents and abilities waiting to emerge or are possibly already present and developing. From a distance, I can encourage you to find and develop yours by encircling your core with your own Guardian Angel.

1 comment:

jill said...

The photos are showing beautifully! I feel like YOU are my guardian angel! lucky me! :)