Thursday, April 20, 2006

Protect your Ass(ets)

Sometimes what we need from the stones we wear is protection. I find that we need it form all kinds of things. We need protection from other people's toxic energy, protection from electromagnetic radiation or "smog", protection from malicious actions, protection from manipulation, and sometimes, protection from our own self criticism. I use amethyst and laboradorite a lot for general protection. Black tourmaline protects nicely from electromagetic sources of pollution and calcite does a nice job deflecting negativity, even from yourself. When I wear calcite, I feel more creative because if I have doubt, it is quieted. I draw my jewelry each day from a prolific source (as you might imagine) and usually can feel what stones I need to wear. My clothes are neutral so my jewelry looks decorative rather than therapeutic. When I look in the mirror, I feel beautiful, energized, happy, creative, whole and hopeful. I hope for this for you too.

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