Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Stardust (Crown Chakra)

Did you know that YOU are made of stardust? You are, and so is everything else on this planet. What we know about stars is that first generation stars begin with elemental hydrogen (one proton, one electron) and fuse the atoms together to form the slightly heavier element, helium. The amazing energy that comes from this fusion is what the sun and other stars emit. When all the hydrogen is consumed, the helium atoms start fusing , into lithium. Anway, these are pretty simple elements and a first generation star runs out of fuel before any heavy elements, like metals, are created. The heaviest elements, like iron and lead are created when a star explodes, or goes "supernova". So, we know, because I took and iron supplement this morning, that our star is a second or possibly a third generation star and we, and everything on this planet has been formed out of the dust of that mega explosion. Just imagine all the wonderful things that occurred before this very second. All the steps the universe has taken to bring us all here to this point in time. Doesn't it put a smile on your face? You are a part of all of it. The universe is you. You are the universe.

The seventh chakra is called Sahasrara. Sahasrara knows no separation from the source. One is complete, centered, grounded, even as one traverses the higher realms, realizing that while we may access the divine, our place is on the earth plane. We no longer experience an inordinate longing for, nor an obsession with our spiritual life, as it is now an inseparable and undeniable part of us. We are completely self assured in this respect. Ego dissolves, and a sense of wholeness pervades. Peace reigns in our hearts and it is from this platform that we are able to interact with and honor our fellow man. Sahasrara, the many petaled lotus, located at the top of the head, opens up toward the heavens. Sahasrara relates to the element of thought and the color is perceived to be violet or white. It is anatomically associated with the pineal gland, right brain hemisphere, crerbral cortex, right eye and right side of the face. When this chakra is open and functioning, a person is connected to the totality of the body-mind-spirit, experiencing spirituality on the most intimate level of his or her being. Brain functionis healthy and clear and physical energy is strong.

Emotional Dysfunctions: depression, obsessional thinking, confusion.
Physical Dysfunctions: sensitivity to pollution, chronic exhaustion, epilepsy, alzheimer's
Functional Archetype: guru- may focus on specific, attainable goals, but know that there are infinate possibilities through which these goals might be realized. Are open to, and embrace, the unexpected, the serendipitous and the coincidental. These are not human beings trying to be spiritual, but spiritual beings learning vital emotional lessons through temporarily wearing the cloak of humanity.
Dysfunctional Archetype: egocentric-total focus on the material world and their illusion of control over it. Has no time for anything that cannot be explained logically, hence fails to draw benefit from all that is mysterious and inexplicable in life.
Goals: expanded consciousness
Life Lesson: selflessness
Main Issue: spirituality, selflessness.

The crown chakra belly chain is comprised of crystal quartz, which vibrates at a very high frequency and is physically and spiritually, very healing. I also include rutilated quartz, (the gold filaments in the crystal quartz are actually titanium) and rainbow moonstone.

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