Saturday, April 01, 2006

Live Dangerously

Live dangerously. Live foolishly. Live embarrassingly. Live sillily. Live sadly. Live joyfully. Fear not the impact you will have by being you. Part the waters. Cause a wave. Dare to be stared at. Inspire thought and courage. When you go to high tea in Beverly Hills, wear a hat and gloves. Sip your tea as if you were a princess or a movie star. Embody the experience. Embarrass your family. Live.

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Shelley Kramer said...

LOL, I forgot to mention I used to be called ShelleyBelly growing up, and still have friends that call me that, LOL. This live dangerously is almost my motto, live each day to the fullest, don;t hurt anyone doing it, love what you do and who you are with, roll with the punches and take advantage of opportunities when they come along.